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About me


Ekaterina was born and raised in Velikiye Luki in Russia. She studied psychology at Saint-Petersburg State University. After moving to Switzerland, she discovered her passion for painting. Ekaterina works as a freelance illustrator and particularly enjoys illustrating children's books. Her illustrations are a mix of traditional painting, contemporary techniques and a pinch of humor. Ekaterina is sure, that inspiration could be found everywhere, just in ordinary things.

When she is not drawing, you can find her drinking a lot of coffee, cooking something special or walking in the vineyards near her home.

She currently resides in a small village in northwestern Switzerland with her family.


09/2022 Der Siebenzackenstern. Gemeinsam strahlen wir

Baeschlin Verlag


09/2023 Mein Freund Bottlo. So viel mehr als eine PET-Flasche!

Baeschlin Verlag

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